Indiegogo: ShootingStar: Every Note of Music to your Ears

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ShootingStar: Every Note of Music to your Ears

Pure 24-bit Digital Sound earphone. Experience every breath and musical note the artist is singing.


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bring the ShootingStar into its final preparation and release level, which includes sampling, marketing and its mass production.


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Start: Sept 1

End: Oct 16


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Music should be enjoyed in a limitless experience of detailed sound and unbounded rhythm. Instead of standard audio 16-bit technology, we created ShootingStar earphones using pure digital 24-bit technology giving the users significantly wider frequency. ShootingStar earphones are meant to be worn all day, every day while commuting, exercising, cleaning, and playing. They take the pain out of the mundane!


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ShootingStar, on the other hand, offers you a direct digital sound solution that allows you to to listen to high quality music through an iPhone, iPad or iPod with a lightning port, or through an USB TYPE-C for new Android devices.


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