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Attention Independent/Self Published Authors!

Due to recent illness, I have been unable to keep this website active for the last several months. Now I am ready to try get the website going again, but because of the time, expense, and overwhelming popularity of this website, and the amount of work necessary to maintain it, I am adopting a new business model.

From now on, I am charging $5.00 US to post your book to this website. But the post, as always, will be permanent, and will be blasted out over Facebook and Twitter. Posts will not be pre-scheduled. Instead, books will be posted within 3 days of receipt of the questionnaire following payment via Fiverr.com. Once you pay and drop me an email, I will send you the questionnaire to fill out.

Despite my recent absence, The Indie Spotlight is currently getting an average of 2,500 hits a day, as you can review on our public stats page here.

So please, let The Indie Spotlight help you to spread the word about your book to our international audience of readers who are eager to read fresh, new content.

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28 thoughts on Let Us Promote Your Book!

  1. Just sent in your submission form for my novel, How To Live Forever. Really appreciate the opportunity to let your readers know that it’s out there. As an indie author, every venue helps — especially one as clean, user-friendly, and professional looking as the indie Spotlight. Thanks again, Barry

  2. Hi
    I want to send my filled out questionnaire, but i have always an error message.
    Can you provide me another e-mail address?

    By advance, i thank you.


  3. I submitted my questionarre a while back, and am very anxious to see my book displayed on the blog. What a great forum for those of us just starting out as writers. Thanks very much for the opportunity.

  4. I’m a commercial artist, a well known and internationally traveling tattoo artist that’s been featured in over 60 magazines and books, and I’ve made my first foray into writing a full length novel. Plenty of blogs and magazine articles preceded this, but The Black Seas of Infinity, published in the UK by Anarchy-Books in November, is 292 pages of dark Sci-Fi. Sort of a Mad Max meets Predator, but as written by John Steinbeck!

  5. Do you review books that are not on Amazon? Because I am a very indie writer and have self published a book, but it is not on Amazon. It is on Bookemon.com where it can be viewed for free or I have a PDF version.

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  8. Your site was a wonderful find! Thank you so much for helping us indie (someone of us unknowns) authors like this.

  9. I appreciate the opportunity to be featured on your site.
    My various short story collections have won awards, and my Tall Tenerife Tales trilogy has a glowing introduction by the legendary Harry Harrison (Stainless Steel Rat, Deathworld, Soylent Green etc.) My first novel, Points of View, has just been accepted by Eternal Press..!

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  11. Thanks for giving indie authors a chance to shine! I can’t wait to see my work featured on your site.

  12. Thanks, Indie Spotlight. I appreciate the opportunity to be featured on your site. Also, I saw another spotlighted author and bought his book. Thanks again!

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  15. The biggest thank you for featuring my book ‘Enmitus, The Transformation on Saturday,1 September 2012. It gave me a big buzz to see it on there and hope other people found it of interest.

  16. Another great big thank you for featuring my book ‘I am Nine’ on your website. This is my best selling book to date and my mothers favourite. It really does give an author a boost to see their book out there in this challenging market.

    Again this is really appreciated!!

  17. I can’t thank you enough for featuring my book, Hi God It’s Me: E-Prayers for Teenage Girls on your excellent blog. I shared it with my friends on Facebook. You are helping Indie authors build an audience and giving a wide readership the chance to learn about exciting new books. You’re the best!
    Continued success with your great venture!

  18. Well once again I appreciate your help, The Indie Spotlight has featured all three of my books and I hope to publish again this year and will certainly come back. I great big thank you for your support!!!

  19. Dear Greg

    I would like to submit my novel, “Lily Steps Out,” to your blog, but I’m not a selfpublished author. Penumbra Publishing, a small independent publisher released my book May 2012.

    Rita Plush

  20. This site is a great find. I am in the process now of completing the submission form for my paranormal mystery, Lost Girl.
    Thanks, Indie Spotlight, for providing such a wonderful promotional opportunity for indie authors.
    And as an avid reader, I’m looking forward to discovering great new reads here!

    Thanks again,

  21. For some reason can’t send the email with the files. Constantly fails. Have you changed your email address?

  22. Just completed my submission materials for my mystery/thriller novel, Treehouse, and sent them off to The Indie Spotlight with great enthusiasm for such a wonderful opportunity. Thanks so much! Best of luck to all the other independent writers out there.
    K.R. Mack

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