IndieGoGo: Fitbit of Sex Toys, the ÖRing

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Campaign title:

Fitbit of Sex Toys, the ÖRing, Launches on Indiegogo


What are you raising funds for?:

To fund tooling and production costs

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What is your Fundraising goal?:



Where do we go to make donations?

(For every ÖRing purchased, Öivita will donate $1 to the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). The oldest nonprofit organization in the underserved area of sexually transmitted infections and a leader in sexual health advocacy, ASHA is a perfect fit for Öivita and what we believe in — having fun, and being safe and healthy.


Start/End dates for your campaign?:

July 25th to August 30th


Give us more details about your fundraiser:

Crowd funding to raise the $$ to go to market

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Tell us why we should give to your campaign:

Inspiration for the ORing: The inspiration behind creating this product came from Öivita´s mission is to spark lives with insight, innovation, and fusion of leading technology to fulfill users´ desires. Let’s celebrate together the wonder of life. Make love better, make our world better is what our team likes to live by.


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