Massimo Marino – Daimones

Title: Daimones

Author: Massimo Marino

ISBN: 0985143824 (ebook edition) 1478347104 (printed edition)

Page count: 330

Genre: sci-fi, PA

Price: $4.99 (ebook), $24.90 printed edition


Author Bio:

I’m Italian, or should I say, Sicilian. Palermo is my home town and I left it in 1986. I now have lived more years abroad than in Italy. Needless to say, I have changed in many and different way than my old friends there.

I lived in Switzerland, France, and the United States. For work, I used to travel some 500,000 air miles a year. I am a scientist as a background, having spent over 17 years in fundamental research. Most of my writing are academic stuff. I worked for many years at CERN, near Geneva—an international lab for particle physics research—then in the US at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. In 1995 I moved to the private sector, worked with Apple Inc., and then for the World Economic Forum.

Some say I have acquired a multi-faceted personality

The new addition of the family is actually…two. Two British long hair cats, a Chocolate one aptly named Nutella and a Lilac one who was named Hermès, quick and cunning, moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine, as emissary and messenger of the gods, intercessor between mortals and the divine, as all cats are.

You can see pictures of these two rascals from Facebook.

Discovery: it seems many authors have pets, and authors’ cats invariably end up napping on the keyboard…


Tell us about your book:

PA novels are often about cataclysmic events, survivors fending off dangers at every page, zombie attacks, aliens destroying everything for inscrutable reasons, or as a fulfillment of the latest religious prophecies. “Daimones” has nothing of the sort.

The novel puts a few survivors in a world having experienced a planetary culling of the human race but there is no immediate cause to be pointed at for the survivors. The Apocalypse has arrived, but why and how remains unknown in a frustrating and fearful reality for the family around which the story evolves, untill the last third of the plot.

“Daimones” explores moral and emotional issues as well as the mechanics of everyday survival for this family: all evidences point for them to be the only people left alive on Earth. The exploration of human relationships and their importance, of personalities and memories, are at the heart of the tale. Confusion, sadness, and fear start to mix into the main character’s mind, Dan Amenta.

We are led to discover the disbelief, the anguish, the grief, the frantic search for other survivors through his eyes and the 1st person narration.

Finally, when Dan and his family do find other survivors…they experience the absolute terror of first contact. The ending brings some closure about the catastrophe to this family, but also lays a heavy burden and responsibility on Dan, and opens up the novel to the sequel in the trilogy.

Being a scientist at heart—and by formation—the premises and what happens in the story are very plausible and realistic, if the tale were to be true…


How long did it take to write the book?

All in all, about a year, including polishing work which took two months with my editor, Rebecca Stroud. But probably the best answer is that it took a life to blossom.


What inspired you to write the book?

I can’t say it came from something specific. Things added together with time. There are stories that build up in the mind of any writer, or aspiring one. Sometimes you are able to contain them all your life and no one will ever think of you as a writer. Other times a story breaks free and you can’t but start writing it. It becomes inevitable. “Daimones” just found me, I’m its story-teller.


Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

In a sense, it is a discovery process. In lessons on creative writing from Brandon Sanderson, he described the two extremes of writing styles and writers. One goes through pre-organizing everything, the entire plot, from the beginning to the end, the various conflicts, each chapter, everything. And then fills up the gaps, more and more till the manuscript is “completed”. At the opposite sit those writers called “gardeners”. These ones plant the seed of the story, and then the story grows, evolves, takes unexpected turns, with the writer sometimes unable to tell how it will end, or what will happen if certain events were to occur. I found myself more into this last tail of the “writers distribution curve”. I’ve watched Daimones in my mind, heard characters discussing and reacting to what happened to them as in a movie. Sometimes I was unable to write as fast as the images flow I witnessed. The story and the characters had a life of their own.

I usually keep a regular schedule. Write in the morning and go into the afternoon only if I do not meet a “daily quota” of about 2,500 words. Then I re-read and revise in the afternoon. I usually write in the home-office, with a window looking at the Alps and the Mount Blanc. Sometimes I stare at it, while I see again and again the last scene I am trying to put on paper. Other times scenes build up and I need to wait to “receive” more details, see the characters in there and hearing their voices.


What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

I do write for myself, because there are situations and dialogues that needs to come out, but I also write for every reader, hoping to share emotions and feelings, hopefully providing good reading times. It is an invitation to evade together with me, as I do when I write. I hope then I’ll be such a good host and a good company for every reader and that they’ll be willing to know what happens next in the sequels.

If I can make so that one spends a good time in the world I created, care for the characters that speak through the pages, and is willing to share the emotions and feelings I hope to transmit, I have found gold. There is not a greater reward than a reader who sends a “Thank you” note.

A good story should make you laugh, cry, feel sadness and happiness, move you to tears, and lose track of time. It will not happen with every reader or at the same places in the story, but if it happens here and there, to some, even one, then the story has reached its goal to please a reader, allow him to escape and live in the same lucid-dream the writer used to create a different world. A good story will find its readers.


Where can we go to buy your book?

Daimones is on Amazon, Apple iTunes, and on Smashwords. Iit has been accepted on Smashwords “Premium Catalogue” too so it is distributed on their extended e-retailers list. It is currently on Kobo, Lulu, available for Nook, and slowly appearing on other distributors too, on almost every ebook retailer; I found Daimones in unexpected places. Distribution seems to be quite effective. Specifically you may get my novel from:


Any other links or info you’d like to share?

Well, if people wants to follow my rumbling on twitter, I am @Massim0Marin0 and on Facebook my links are:


Excerpt from book:

The siren almost exploded. It was all silent now, even though my ears were still buzzing. Maybe an alarm was now blinking furiously in some police stations where no agents would answer the call. Having never been there before, I examined the place. The shop seemed to have everything I needed, at least at a first look. Hunting rifles were aligned vertically behind the counter but were of no use to me. Locked glass cabinets contained handguns of various types, including pistols and revolvers. This is what I was looking for.

On a pedestal, the famous .44 Magnum and, behind it, a few pictures of Inspector Callahan from the “Dirty Harry” movie. An inscription stated it was “The Most Powerful Handgun in the World” and a paraphrased Harry quote (“Go ahead. Make YOUR day”) was followed by the inflated price…a moot point now.

I was tempted by that Magnum, like having a cannon in your hand. But first things first, I thought as I needed pistols light enough for Mary and Annah yet with considerable impact power nonetheless. Unfortunately, there was no clerk to ask for help or to guide me in my gun shopping spree. I had to read all those terse descriptions if I wanted any information about the various models. My eyes fell on a “Glock 36 Cal. 45 AUTO. Compact and powerful.” Two terms that fit perfectly.