Mikey Lee Ray – Confessions of a Gaming Attendant

Title: Confessions of a Gaming Attendant

Author: Mikey Lee Ray

ISBN: 9780987331700

Page count: 602

Genre: Humor / Satire

Price: $4.99 USD


Author Bio:

I’ve been keen on writing most of my life and like to write from life experience, hence I’ve written this quirky little story about the gambling industry. I’ve worked in the industry since 2007 and I have to say the experience has been an eye opener on many levels.


Tell us about your book:

In Australia online gambling and gambling with the slots machines in general is now becoming a hot issue, politicians are talking about reform this and pre-commitment that but no one has thus far heard from anyone inside the industry. And so it’s up to me Mikey Lee Ray to rectify that with a tell all expose not only about the gambling industry itself but about many other issues as well such as politics, the media, society and lots more. In 2010 a lot changed in my country and I offer readers a unique perspective about this time frame.


How long did it take to write the book?

About two years


What inspired you to write the book?

I read a lot of political biographies and I think to myself, if this person were writing a diary of their day to day stuff what would it be like? Then I’m on the job and I ask myself, what if I wrote a diary about things that happened to me at work? From there the idea blossomed and grew and took on a life of its own.


Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?

Since Confessions of a Gaming Attendant is at heart a diary I wrote my diary entries at the end of the day about what happened. Later on after the year long period was up I began the process of editing it and I have admittedly embellished some details and blended fact with fiction to add more action, mystery, intrigue and what have you. All the same I think readers would be surprised to know what details in the book are fact. I did a certain amount of research on gambling stuff online but given that I work in the industry most of the writing came as second nature to me as the saying goes.


What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

First and foremost if it raises the odd eyebrow and gives them a laugh and makes them smile then I’ve achieved my main purpose, to entertain, educate and inform. If it makes them question a little bit about the way Western society is heading not just with gambling becoming more and more prevalent in our society but other things as well then that’s a bonus. I do think there are some good little nuggets of wisdom in amongst some of my more cynical entries and at times dark humor and I’m hoping this shines through in the book.


Where can we go to buy your book?

At present it’s on Smashwords but I’m hoping that I’ll have a proper website for all my writing next year.


Any other links or info you’d like to share?
I have other titles on Smashwords for interested readers to check out.


Excerpt from book:


2nd January 2010,


Today I walked about six miles or so for lunch, a burger and fries. They were great fries too, with herbs and a sweet chili mayo dipping sauce. And the burger was awesome, you know it’s good when you have to compress it with both hands just so you can fit it in your mouth. You bite down and through the bun, past the egg and beetroot and cheese to savagely tear the bacon as the juices drip out on to the plate. I used to frown upon the idea of beetroot in a burger but then when said burger is named after your home city and tastes this good then Mikey is prepared to make an exception.

It’s nothing like the fast food experience at all, where everything is pre-frozen, pre-processed, as sterile as a hospital waiting room and quite possibly they are one of the reasons that they are always full too. Suffice it to say I burned off the calories just getting there and back. I also went bowling and played three games though disappointingly the highest score I could muster was 113. Yeah I know, I suck. I think I need to work on my release, it’s all about the timing or so I’ve been told. Timing and the power you use. I look around as I bowl and see guys hurling the ball at the pins as hard as they can like this will increase the chances of knocking everything down or something. Yeah right. Tomorrow I’ll begin telling you about my co-workers, after all every good story needs a few heroes and villains now doesn’t it?

I’m there at the bowling alley contemplating something I was asked the other day. Namely, the definition of hospitality or the hospitality industry so let me give you the A to Z dear readers… literally. Annoying Bitches Complaining Dully Expecting Freebies Grumbling Harassing Ingratiating Jeering Kerfuffle Lying Moaning Nagging Overexaggerating Pining Quarreling Ranting Screaming Tantrums Unkempt Venting Whining Xenophobic Yelling Zombies. Hospitality is a lot like a lemonade stand. The employees of it are the lemons used to make the lemonade of course. The employer sells the lemonade at 25 cents a pop and uses the lemons, squeezes every last drop out of them then throws them out and gets new ones. And, much like the customers at our lemonade stand, the customers in hospitality be it gaming or wherever don’t really care how many lemons get used up. They just want their damn lemonade and they want it now. Today’s lemonade stand is about two things, maximizing profits while minimizing costs. And so Western countries have contracted a most modern disease which I shall hereby dub casualitis. What is casualitis you sensibly ask? Well let me put it this way. Walk through a mall and what advertisements do you see? Ads in shop windows for casual staff and the ads invariably say ‘must be available to work from Monday to Friday.’ Of course the hours they offer are at a bare minimum but the teens and young people are expected to be on call to receive their pittance I mean pay check. At my last job I was a casual and then a new staff member was put in charge of the rosters and suddenly my hours were cut in half.

There were now three cashiering shifts instead of two so the hours were cut from between eight and nine to more like say six or seven or thereabouts. And you just know some paper pusher out there is patting himself on the back for this little achievement though in the meantime that gaming venue lost three great supervisors who actually knew how to treat and reward staff for their loyalty. You can’t go expecting something i.e. loyalty from your staff if you’re not prepared to give it to them in the first place. The bottom line is the bottom line until it’s your bottom on the line… and then it’s just bullshit.