Khadija Styles – Friend


Title: Friend
Author: Khadija Styles
ISBN or ASIN: 978-0995180000
Page count: 138pg
Genre: General fiction
Price Print and Ebook: Print Book :Amazon $13.16 Ebook: LULU $6.49

Author Bio:
Khadija Styles is a Toronto native and artist who previously let her creativity flow in the fashion industry. She’s used her business expertise to launch a clothing line, but now Styles is honing in on the art of storytelling. Khadija has already written three other books set to release in the very near future.

Tell us about your book:
Friend starts from the perspective of Bonnie Heart, whose friendships are top priority in her life. She and her friends, Cora, Leena, Jenelle, Jayna and Hazel met when they were young girls, forging a powerful friendship in which they’ve all grown up seeing the ups and downs of female friendships and adolescence. Soon, newbie, Donna, enters their group seeking companionship, but when Donna starts dating a mutual friend of the group who is liked by Hazel, a secret love square forms. Friends are caught between each other, casting blind eyes towards one friend to toss aside another.

Share any thoughts you’d like the readers to know about you and/or your book:
Originally Khadija started in fashion and still to this day is very involved in the evolving world of industry. Styles went from having her own fashion line to now creative directing and styling for other brands and individuals. Later, Khadija discovered her talents for writing enticing stories readers can enjoy. As she debuts her book, Friend, Styles has already completed three other books which one is a children’s book set to lease this summer. Friend was not only for entertainment purposes but learning material for the youth today. Learning to befriend the right people and not just people you can have fun with.

Where can we go to buy your book?
Friend is available on Amazon, LULU, Smashwords, Apple IBook’s, Barnes & Noble’s Chapters/indigo,
Kobo, Createspace

Any other links or info you’d like to share?
Styles creative juices are at an all-time high. Not only writing captivating stories, she has also managed to find the time for her fashion site, blog and writer websites.

I have also provided all the links to the sites you can purchase and place your review for Friend.


Excerpt from book:
“You know what they say, There’s an end in friend for a reason” – Bonnie Heart