Nicole Rickman – Finding Me

11044586_10203890618925267_7921982848003494746_oTitle: Finding Me

Author: Nicole Rickman


Page count: 310

Genre: Christian Fiction

Price (Print and Ebook): 0,99  cents print 11,99


Author Bio:

Nicole Rickman is an up and coming author. She currently resides in Lawrence County Kentucky and lives with her spouse Bill Rickman and their nine year old son Luke. Nicole started writing after some health issues ended her 14 year long career in nursing.

Nicole was raised in church in the hills of West Virginia among three siblings and a large extended family. She lost her sister at an early age, then later her mother to illness, so Nicole knows the importance of family and it shows in her books.

Nicole may not be able to physically help others. but realizes she can do so spiritually. Hence, the reason she is trying to fulfill her life long dream of being a writer. Nicole wants to have a positive influence on teens and young adults through her Christian fiction book series Love’s Not Easy. She is currently working on the fourth book in the series and hopes to publish more books in the future doing God’s work.


Tell us about your book:

Ever since her mother died Aimee Pittman has dreamed of attending college in her mom’s home country of Neahovia. When she is accepted to Ancaster University it becomes a reality. She and her best friend Piper share a co-ed flat with five of Piper’s childhood friends, and the small group becomes a family.

When she hits a roadblock in researching her mom’s life in Neahovia she’s more determined than ever to find out what caused her mom to leave. Rocky relationships both in and outside of the group prove that life and love are not always as easy as they thought. What will this family learn from God during this


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Excerpt from book:

The sound of a slamming door startled Aiden.  He raised his left arm and looked at his watch, eight a.m.  He then looked down.  Aimee was snuggled close to him, sound asleep.  He didn’t need to look behind him he knew all too well who was standing there.

He gave Aimee a gentle nudge.  “Aimee, wake up. We fell asleep.”

She raised her arm.  “What time is it?”

Aiden looked down at her.  “Eight a.m. and we are not alone.”

Aimee raised up.  She fell asleep cuddle next to Aiden, near a cozy fire pit, watching, what some may call, a romantic sunrise.  She knew when she turned around, Ava would be waiting to let lose her reign of fiery.

Aiden stood up.  “Good morning, Ava.”

Ava stood, arms folded, her face as red as beets.  “Do not good morning me.  What in the world is this, Aiden?”

Aiden walked over to Ava.  He went to touch her, but she pulled her hand away from him.  “Calm down and let me explain.  It is not as bad as you think.  We were talking and watching the sunrise; we got cold, so we…”

“NOT AS BAD as I think?  I walk down here and see you wrapped in a throw with that American slu…”

LJ came into view.  “Watch what you are saying, Ava.”  He crossed his arms.

“Ava, please listen to me, would you?”  Aiden was still trying to calm her down.

Ava stepped around Aiden and headed straight to Aimee.  “You may have fooled everyone else with that I am just a sweet and innocent Christian act, but you can’t fool me.  You have some kind of hidden agenda for coming here and it includes breaking me and Aiden up.”

Aimee stood and turned back toward the door to face Ava.  She was trying not to laugh.  She opened her mouth to respond, but saw LJ standing beside Aiden in his boxer shorts and tank t-shirt with bed head.  “Ava, you are wrong about me.  I would never try to break you and Aiden up.”

Ava was in Aimee’s face by now.  She had her finger inches from Aimee’s face.  “Shut up! Shut up!”  Aimee pulled her head back as Ava started yelling a few curse words that a lady in her stature should never say.

Aiden walked quickly over and took Ava’s arm.  “It’s cold out here; let’s go inside, and talk before you wake the other guest.”

Ava looked at Aimee.  “You stay away from Aiden.”


Nadejda Rozanova – Dari (The Sword of Freedom Book 1)

5171To-yniL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Title: Dari (The Sword of Freedom Book 1)

Author: Nadejda Rozanova


Page count: 74

Genre: fantasy

Price: Kindle $0.99


Author Bio:
A Book by Scientific Researcher, Reiki Master and Fantasy Author After establishing herself in careers in science, medical research, and Reiki, she started a new career as an author of fiction and nonfiction books.


Tell us about your book:

“Dari” tells the story of a young woman and her friend and teacher Rina. Their adventures and relationships are very similar to TV show Xena the Warrior Princess.


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Excerpt from book:
“And what about your assumption that the master should be a man? It is common to think that wisdom comes only from men, but tell me, don’t you ever see wise women?”