Lynn Landes – The Angel’s Covenant


Title: The Angel’s Covenant

Author: Lynn Landes


Page count: 226

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Price (Print and Ebook): 7.68 and 2.99


Author Bio:

Lynn Landes is the author and independent publisher of The Covenant Series. Her stories span the spectrum of Romantic Fiction from paranormal, romantic suspense to Christian fantasy. If you like fantasy, temptation, and adventure be sure to check Lynn’s blog at for upcoming titles.


Tell us about your book:

Chosen as the Keeper of Humanity I guide dying, and lost spirits home. In the quiet moments, I hear the whispered question, “Are you Shadow or are you Light?” Once I thought I knew the answer to that question. Now as I sit watching over this six-year-old girl, keeping the demons at bay, I wonder will I ever know the answer.

As children, they teach us to lift up our shields of faith, that fear and worry gives the demons an opening. How do I do that when my shield is so heavy with the blood of those I left behind? They say my thoughts must solely rest in the Maker. The demons thrive on terror and pain; I have seen that first hand with the massacre of my family. The screams of the dead haunt me still.

The tinkling of wind chimes fills the air, distracting Elina from her thoughts. It is never the same, the moment before death, and this is no exception. A soft glow begins to seep into the room and Elina smiles as she feels the velvety brush of the Angels wings as they pass.

The Shadows come, drawn by the light of the child’s pure spirit. Elina stands becoming the warrior she was born to be. Her eyes meet his, her guardian and trainer the Archangel Malach. He never understood why his brothers chose to fall and break the Covenant, until he looked into her blue eyes. Trouble is brewing amongst the Angels. Some feel humanity is the problem, but he knows the truth. Elina is the only hope they have against the Dark angel, fore he is building an army bent on ruling Heaven and Earth.


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Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Tower Books


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Phyllis f. McManus – The Lie That Binds


Title: The Lie That Binds

Author: Phyllis f. McManus

ISBN or ASIN: 9781453886526

Page count: 143

Genre: fiction

Price: Book – $9.00, Kindle – $4.99


Phyllis-McManus-02Author Bio:

Phyllis f. McManus enjoys writing short stories, poems and novels. The Lie That Binds is her third book to be published.  She and her husband, Don, love to travel making several trips a year to Florida. She has always loved to read but her love for writing came much later in life. She was told by her doctor to take up writing for therapy when she lost both parents in a car accident in 2002. Writing soon became a passion that she plans to continue.

Writing fiction is an act of over rating the life you live in your mind’s eye. –Phyllis f. McManus-


Tell us about your book:

Growing up, Allison never realized her mother was hiding a dark secret. Mother’s dying words were, “I will carry the secret to my grave.” That was just what she did.

After exploring her Mother’s attic, Allison stumbled onto an old chest that had remained locked for many years.

Unlocking the chest sent Allison on a search for the truth. She never dreamed that Mother could hold on to a secret for so many years.

Would her words destroy the lives of several families or would Allison let the secret stay buried with her mother and herself as well?


Share any thoughts you’d like the readers to know about you and/or your book:

It’s funny how things I see will draw me into wanting to write a book. This one was no different. I had seen two small girls in the toy department sharing their excitement over dolls on the shelves. I watched figuring they must be close friends. Suddenly, I saw two adults come toward the children. One woman took one child by the hand and walked her down the aisle. The other mother took her little girl and walked in the opposite direction. The two little girls turned to each other and remained focused on one another until they were completely out of sight. I realized then they had only met for the first time in the toy department but had already made a bond of friendship. This gave me a perfect story line and I went straight home and started “The Lie That Binds,” changing many details but still using the thought of friends being separated without a choice of their own. My characters play together as young girls growing up but are snatched apart by lies and deceit. As adults they plot together to find out the secret of why they were separated.


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Excerpt from book:

Allison stood at the gravesite listening as the pastor spoke kind words about her mother. She tried to hold on to every word he was saying, but she somehow became lost in the moment.

She looked around as she heard people sobbing softly. There were no more tears left inside her. She felt as full of darkness and void as the grave that the body of her mother would soon be placed.

She had watched her mother slowly and painfully dying in front of her eyes for weeks. Now, Mother would no longer have to endure the pain.

Allison was brought back to reality by a gentle touch on her shoulder. It was over.

The funeral director motioned for the family members to stand. Then they each walked in single file by the casket placing a yellow rose on top on the closed lid. They slowly walked toward the family car that was waiting to take them back home.

Allison turned to see the casket slowly being lowered into the ground.

“Well, Mother, you said you would take the secret to your grave and so you did,” she softly muttered under her breath.

Ethan, Allison’s husband, placed his arm around her shoulder and whispered, “What did you say, honey?”

“Oh, just talking to myself,” she replied, and continued walking toward the car.

Allison’s mind overflowed with troubled thoughts. She knew that she had to find out what the secret   her mother held in her heart was and why she felt the need to carry it with her to the very end.